Scale of the Pilot

The demonstration areas selected for ELBA form indeed a unique, integrated site, involving both the mainland (Piombino area) and the Elba island. The insular part of the site covers all main destinations within the territory of Elba, with a centre of gravity in two main areas: Portoferraio and Rio Marina ports and urban areas. These locations, on the two ends of the regional intermodal transport system mainland-island, are relevant for both people and freight traffic.

The main elements of the pilot include:

  1. participation of Local Authorities on mainland side (Piombino Port Authority) and on the island side (Municipality of Rio Marina) as responsible for mobility policies and definition of service requirements with the support of Portoferraio Municipality;
  2. participation of Public Transit Company (ATL-CTTNord) as responsible and manager for overall aspects of the innovative on-demand transport during pilot demonstration phase;
  3. involvement of freight transport service operators (both Piombino side and Elba side) with participation to the pilot demonstration phase;
  4. set up of the organizational infrastructure (operational centre, personnel, regulatory procedures, administrative provisions, etc.) as well as of the supporting ICT systems (Travel Dispatch Centre for Demand Responsive Transport services, freight transport planning and operation technologies for the planned Freight Transit Point in Portoferraio, communication network, on-board devices, web portal and e-services, etc.);
  5. operation of the planned services for a period of 14 months, with involvement of end-users and citizens, with coverage of two high season peak periods (June-September) at the onset of the demonstration and at the end of the project, allowing thorough evaluation of ELBA measures and impacts (initial introduction, consolidated operation);
  6. selection and acquisition (renting, service contracts) of eco-friendly vehicles (minibuses/vans) and pilot testing on field during service demonstration;
  7. on-field data collection and evaluation of environmental and energy benefits.

Altogether, the various areas of ELBA pilot services have been selected to ensure full demonstration and evaluation of the planned eco-innovation of mobility services for people and goods. The key operational/logistics infrastructures (i.e. logistics bases and depots, freight load/unload areas, location of the ELBA mobility service centre, etc.) are available in the involved sites via the Local Administration and participating transport service providers (ATL-CTTNord).