Piombino Port Authority



Piombino Port Authority (APP) is a legal public entities supervised by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, with financial autonomy set by law. APP is responsible for guidance, planning, coordination, promotion and monitoring of Piombino (mainland side), Portoferraio and Rio Marina (Elba Island side) port operations and other commercial and industrial activities carried on in ports, with powers of regulation and order, also with reference to the risks to safety and security. It is the responsible organisation for development of Piombino, Portoferraio and Rio Marina ports and plays a role of business "engine".

Piombino Port Authority, among others, is in charge of: completion of the works in the three ports of its interest, the definition of the Port Regulatory Plan (PRP) identifying the various areas of logistics operation and the Port Operating Plan (POT) to address planning and development of Piombino, Portoferraio and Rio Marina ports, the coordination of logistics activities in the ports by government and control of ports services, the management (in concession) of private areas and docks for the conduct of activities in various sectors terminal, the issue to port organisations of permits to carry out activities within the port, the promotion of the three ports in the world.

APP are also experienced in EU initiatives gained through involvement in EU projects (e.g. IEE Program - YEP! Project).