The main objective of the ELBA project is the planning, implementation and demonstration of a number of advanced eco-sustainable, integrated mobility schemes and services for people and goods, in and for the Elba Island (connected with Piombino, Livorno Province - Tuscany Region - Italy).

These services are based on a set of "intermediate" and "flexible" (i.e. demand-responsive) transport and logistics schemes, operated by eco-friendly vehicles and integrated in the broader context of mobility measures, thus allowing Elba Island to achieve high standards of energy efficiency and environmental quality.

Attaining high levels of applicability to the addressed geographical and environmental context - i.e., small islands, short distance and frequent mainland-islands trips, intermodal freight flows, interactions among freight, local mobility, tourists mobility flows, etc. - the solutions demonstrated in the project will provide viable models of interests for and transferable to many other national and European sites both urban area and small islands.

To this end, the ELBA project will:

  • plan, implement, demonstrate and evaluate innovative models for flexible, collective mobility services for people (bus on demand and reservation) in order to provide eco-efficient solutions meeting the typical local mobility as well as the more demanding seasonal patterns (i.e. tourists flows);
  • plan, implement, demonstrate and evaluate innovative logistics schemes and services to reduce the impacts of goods transport from Piombino (mainland side) to Elba and of freight distribution in different small urban areas of the island.

In order to enable this, the project will investigate and implement the appropriate organisational and operational models necessary to support the identified ELBA mobility and logistics schemes, and will implement and deploy the required ICT enabling solutions to support the newly designed services. Particularly, an innovative, service oriented ICT architecture will be implemented, based on advanced hw/sw and communication technologies, to ensure efficient and effective operation of both people and goods mobility processes.

The following figure provides a summarized view of all ELBA planned measures to improve people and freight flows in and from Elba island and the connected mainland.

Figure 1: Overview of planned ELBA measures on people and freight flows