Municipality of Rio Marina


Rio Marina is situated on the eastern part of the island, inside a small inlet surrounded by hills. In this area the iron oxide extraction took place as far back as the Etruscan period and was, together with fishing, the main activity of Rio Marina inhabitants until just a few decades ago. Today Rio Marina is a seaside resort with all the facilities for its visitors. The autonomous municipality was established in 1882, when it was separated from Rio nell'Elba. From the port there are connections with the mainland, as an alternative to Portoferraio.

The Municipality of Rio Marina is deeply involved in the recent Elba Island Ports Development Plan, prepared by Piombino Port Authority, which is oriented towards a new balance of people and goods flows among the northern coast of the Elba Island (Port of Portoferraio) and the South Coast (Port of Rio Marina).

The Municipality of Rio Marina ensures the presence of local authorities in the ELBA consortium, in collaboration with the municipalities involved in the project as members of the forum (particularly the Municiplaity of Portoferraio).

CRM APP have also experience in EU initiatives gained through involvement in several EU projects (i.e. MED-PACT program, PAMLED project; etc.)