This section contains all ELBA public deliverables, which are available for download. 

Confidential deliverables are accessible only after email apply.


Title Size   Last Update Download

D1 - "Review of European experiences and identification of major operational, organizational and policy issues"


D2 - "ELBA Stakeholders and User Needs Analysis Report"

6.02 MB   March 2011

D3 - "ICT and operational requirements for delivery and coordination

of people and goods mobility services in Elba Island"

1.13 MB   March 2011

D4 - "ELBA mobility service schemes and procedures"

9.65 MB   September 2011

D5 - "ELBA ICT platform services and system design"

988 KB   June 2011

D6 - "ELBA Service Centre Organisational Study and Preliminary

Business and Operation Model"

714 KB   January 2014

D7 - "ELBA Evaluation Plan"


D8 - "ELBA ICT systems and supporting infrastructure:

implemented solutions"

1.18 MB   May 2012

D9 - "ELBA Clean Vehicles Fleet Study"

3.45 MB   October 2010

D10 - "ELBA pilot services set up and demonstration planning"

15.4 MB   April 2012

D11 - "Technical set up of ELBA Service Centre and Systems"

1.02 MB   June 2012

D12 - "ELBA pilot services: demonstration report"

5.64 MB   June 2012

D13 - "Validated ELBA ICT Systems"

2.63 MB   June 2013

D14 - "ELBA Site Data Collection Logs"


D15 - "Evaluation of ELBA mobility services impacts in Elba demonstration areas: pilot findings assessment and projections

5.62 MB   January 2014

D16 - "The ELBA Business case and Transferability Analysis"


D17 - "The ELBA Dissemination and Promotion Plan"

565 KB December 2010

D18 - "The ELBA project web site"


D19 - "ELBA Newsletters"

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D20 - "ELBA Noticeboards"

6.70 MB September 2013

D21 - "ELBA Annual Workshops

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D22 - "The Final ELBA International Conference"

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D23 - "ELBA Layman's Report"


D24 - "ELBA After-LIFE+ Dissemination Plan" (english)

265 KB   November 2014

D25 - "ELBA Consortium Agreement"


D26 - "ELBA Project Monitoring Handbook"

1.61 MB   December 2010