CTT Nord (Compagnia Toscana Trasporti) Srl is the Transport Operator in charge of  Public Transport in Livorno, Pisa and Lucca urban areas and Provinces (including Elba Island),  resulting  from the merger of the former transport operators of the three Municipalities. With about 1.500  employees and 900 vehicles,  CTT-Nord covers about 32 million km per year.


CTT-Nord network covers a very wide area with very different land characteristics, providing Public Transport services in urban, rural and island areas. CTT-Nord manages both conventional services (fixed lines and timetables) and demand responsive transport (DRT) services for tackling the needs of  low mobility demand areas and acting as feeder for the regular PT lines in specific basins. CTT-Nord is responsible for public transport services provision in Elba Island (which was formerly in charge of ATL SpA) and confirmed the willingness to carry-on the activities started by ATL in the framework of LIFE+ ELBA Project, aiming to introduce eco-friendly mobility services and low emission vehicles in the Island, and to capitalize on project results in the future. 

The companies that form part of CTT-Nord have a long experience in previous European funded programmes, having participated, among the others, in: AGATA project (INTERREG IIIB) on the implementation of DRTs and the creation of the agency for flexible transport services; MATAARI project (INTERREG IIIB) on the accessibility and interaction between urban and port areas; TranSUrban project (INTERREG IIIC EAST) on the development of a mobility and transport feasibility study  for the city of Livorno; FLIPPER project (INTERREG IVC) on flexible transport services for eco-mobility in urban and rural areas.