Corfu Port Authority


Corfu Port Authority S.A – OLKE - is a Public Body governed by Greek law. It is a Greece-based company involved in the management and operation of Corfu port. CPA has in its jurisdiction the port of Corfu, the three ports of Paxos island, the ports of  Othonoi (Fano island), the port of Erreikousa (Merlera island) and a big part of the waterfront of Corfu town.

CPA's main mission and its principal source of income is the management of the port of Corfu which is an important entrance point for the island for persons as well as goods.

Its facilities include a conventional port, passenger terminal, duty free commercial area and others. Services provided include coastal shipping and cruise liner passengers, ship anchoring, mooring and berthing, as well as car parking lots and links with the road network.

In the last three years the port of Corfu handles (apart from cruise ships) an average of 1.300.000 passengers and 536.000 vehicles, as well as 485 cruise ships with 640.000 passengers. The average turnover for the same period is about 3.000.000 €.
CPA is governed by a 9 member council and a CEO-Managing Director and is under the control by the Greek ministry of merchant marine.