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ELBA is a pilot project part-funded by the European Commission under the LIFE+ Programme, the EC financial instrument for the Environment.

Launched in October 2010 and running until September 2013 (extended to March 2014), ELBA has the main objective of planning, implementing and demonstrating a number of advanced eco-sustainable, integrated mobility schemes and services for people and goods targeting, specifically, the "small islands" environment and application context.

Particularly, the territorial context of ELBA project includes the Elba Island, the main island of Tuscan Archipelago (Tuscany Region, Italy) and the connected mainland area, including the town of Piombino (Livorno Province) and the surrounding regional transport environment.

Overall, ELBA will investigate, implement and pilot a number of   "intermediate" and "flexible" (i.e. demand-responsive) transport and logistics schemes, operated by eco-friendly vehicles and integrated in the broader context of mobility measures, thus allowing Elba Island to achieve high standards of energy efficiency and environmental quality.

Attaining high levels of applicability to the addressed geographical and environmental context - i.e., small islands, short distance and frequent mainland-islands trips, intermodal freight flows, interactions among freight, local mobility, tourists mobility flows, etc. - the solutions demonstrated in the project will provide

viable models of interests for and transferable to many other national and European sites concerned with small islands mobility. Represented by the Port Authority of Corf├╣, the Greek island is partnering within ELBA with the aim of understanding the requirements and goals of the solutions identified for the Elba island, assessing and evaluating the potentials for transferring and adapting such solutions to the local context and conditions.


ELBA is part-funded under LIFE+ Program, contract no. LIFE+09 ENV/IT/000111



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Latest News

LIFE+ ELBA Final International Conference
Portoferraio, March 20th-21st, 2014
ELBA, EC Monitoring Visit
Portoferraio and Elba island, January 23rd-24th, 2014

Coordinator's contact


Piombino Port Authority (IT)
Piazzale Premuda
57025 Piombino Livorno

Email: p.mancuso@ap.piombinoelba.it

(+39) 0565 22921
(+39) 0586 211646